Friday, November 03, 2006

Republican Party Imploding

I can't keep up with all the scandals, missteps and crimes. But John and friends over at AmericaBlog can.

The latest? How about the RNC taking money from gay porn producers? The party where homophobia is de rigeur even if only hypocritically.

There's also the most important evangelical preacher in the country, Ted Haggard, going down in flames over his at least three year liaison with a male prostitute and use of crystal meth.

There's more Mark Foley madness.

How about Repugs closing down the only office actually doing real oversight in Iraq?

Oh, and at the urging of the Republican leadership, there were documents laying out how to make an atomic weapon put on the internet. And they were there for a long time. Until the New York Times called them on it.

There's more. Lots more.

Sweet Schadenfreude!

Had enough?


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