Friday, December 02, 2005

One More...

Fuck Bush.

Here's how your new Victory Strategery is working, you asshat:

Ten marines were killed in a roadside bombing, the military said today, and 11 other marines were wounded outside the city of Falluja in one of the deadliest attacks on Americans since August.

The military said the marines, from Regimental Combat Team 8 of the Second Marine Division, were conducting a foot patrol outside of Falluja on Thursday when they were attacked with a bomb "fashioned from several large artillery shells."
There's ten more young soldiers who won't get to at least call their loved ones on Christmas day, or to wish their families a happy Hannuka. There are ten more families who will begin their holiday seasons with the dreaded knock on the door by a couple of Marine Corps officers with their hats tucked under their arms and that awful, serious look on their faces. There's eleven other families who, instead of preparing for the holidays will be trying to figure out how to afford a trip to Germany where most wounded soldiers wind up in the hospital.

You spoke of sacrifice; and the fates know that our soldiers and their families are making sacrifices - many the ultimate sacrifice. But when does the rest of the country make a commensurate sacrifice? When do you - and your goddamned family - start to make sacrifices? Where are Jenna and Barbara; why aren't they standing, first in line, at the recruiter's office?

You've driven our military and our country to the brink of absolute breakdown based on nothing but lies and deceit and spin. You're killing our young soldiers, bankrupting the very safety nets that will help their maimed and scarred compatriots when they return home and all you can come up with is "Stay the Course, V2.3."

If, as you say you fervently believe, there is a god, I hope he has created a whole new circle of hell for you and the rest of your maladminstration. And I hope that you rot there.

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