Thursday, December 01, 2005

F*** Judith Miller

She screwed up her reporting on WMD prior to the war and helped to sell the nation down the Tigris, so to speak. After spending what turns out to be way too little time in jail, she can't even manage to apologize in a way that shows she's truly sorry for the irreparable damage she's caused our country.

She said: "I am obviously deeply chagrined that I ever write anything that turns out to be incorrect. I'm deeply sorry that the stories were wrong."


Although Ms Miller apologised for the intelligence being incorrect she defended her journalism saying she was right to publish and had done everything she could to verify the facts. She said: "I'm deeply sorry our intelligence community got it wrong.

"I am deeply sorry that the President was given a national intelligence estimate which concluded that Saddam Hussein had biological and chemical weapons and a active weapons programme."
That's some apology. She's sorry the spooks got it wrong; even her apologies aren't factually correct.

Can anyone tell me why she was ever employed by the "Paper of Record" in the first place?

And, as with so much good reporting lately, can anyone tell me why we learn so much about our own country from the foreign press?

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