Friday, December 02, 2005

Depends on Your Definition of "Victory"

More on Bush's New Strategery for Iraq Victory.

There's an interesting contrast of headlines in the median this morning about what's going on in Ramadi. From The Australian we get:

Masked gunmen capture Iraqi city

December 03, 2005
BAGHDAD: Just one day after Washington unveiled its strategy for victory in Iraq, rebellion has again flared in the restive city of Ramadi, with hundreds of gunmen attacking a US military base and briefly seizing control of the town centre.
While at Forbes we get this:

New US-Iraqi operation launched in Ramadi
12.02.2005, 05:51 AM

BAGHDAD (AFX) - US and Iraqi forces in Iraq launched a new operation in Ramadi, the day after militants staged a symbolic attack on the town, as a new report suggested the insurgency could get stronger.
So, which is it? Did US troops start a new operation or did the insurgents enemies of a free Iraq actually capture a city that has been wracked by violence since the invasion? It can't be both...

From an offshore paper we get news of a violent takeover of an Iraqi city. From our own press we get that our boys are on the offensive. BushCo. wouldn't be trying to pull some sort of psyops here in the good ol' US of A, would they? They'd never resort to placing stories in the press to make themselves look good would they?

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