Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Kick Him While He's Down

While so many problems have beset BushCo. over the past several months, if I remember correctly it was Cindy Sheehan's protests, outside of Bush's Crawford, TX ranch, that started Bush's popularity decline in earnest. My memory of the timing could be off slightly, but I think that many other Americans "remember" it the same way. Sheehan - although she attracted some odd hangers-on - opened the eyes of many of our fellow citizens to the brutality and the sketchy reasons promoted by BushCo. for the war (all 27 of them).

The last several polls have put Bush's approval numbers around the 35% mark. Osama bin Laden is still at large, Afghanistan is devolving by the day, Iraq is a deepening quagmire, we still have thousands of displaced hurricane refugees spread all over the US... Well, you get the idea. So, what could make things worse for The Worst President Ever?

How about this?

[Cindy Sheehan,,] who drew thousands to her 26-day war protest near President Bush’s ranch this summer plans to return for Thanksgiving next week, despite new county ordinances banning roadside camping.
Can't you just hear Bush whimpering?

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