Monday, November 28, 2005

Grass Grows Over the Grave of Godwin's Law

Driftglass, in answer to one of his commenters disagreeing with using the term "Good Germans" in referring to Republicans, especially moderates who voted for W, lays the final piece of sod over the grave of Godwin's Law. The commenter, "a modern European historian who specializes in the Second World War (and Germany in particular)," felt that driftglass was reaching a metaphor too far, but later admitted that "there are literally days when I wish I didn't know quite so much about Hitler's march to power."

As always, drifglass' post is powerful and darkly humorous; who else would write this:

OK, where was I going with this again?

Ah yes. That the Media, Religious and Political leadership of the GOP aren't literally Nazis, as much as they may awake writhing in sodden ecstasy at their own Fourth Reich Wet Dreams.
Go read the entire posting. It's well worth the extra effort of clicking over... besides, you need the exercise after all that turkey.

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