Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Iraqis vs Cheney?

There's an interesting pair of headlines on MSNBC this morning. At the top, with a photo, is this head and sub-head:

Call For Withdrawal
Iraqis request U.S. timetable for pullout
Interesting in and of itself as it represents the results of multiparty discussions under the aegis of the Arab League. Scrolling further down the page, though we get the puppet master:

Cheney rips idea of Iraq pullout
So, what is it going to be? What will the new story be? Are we going to stay until BushCo. says it's time to go or will we pack up our toys and "cut and run" when the Iraqis want us out? Cheney and his sock puppet have gotten themselves into a real corner. It'll be fun to watch him squirm and snarl his way out of this one.

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