Thursday, October 20, 2005

Former Top Powell Aide in Scathing Attack on BushCo.

This is going to leave a mark:

In a scathing attack on the record of President George W. Bush, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, chief of staff to Mr Powell until last January, said: “What I saw was a cabal between the vice-president of the United States, Richard Cheney, and the secretary of defense, Donald Rumsfeld, on critical issues that made decisions that the bureaucracy did not know were being made.
Read the entire article, Wilkerson really takes a hard swipe at the cabal; revealing what many of us have been saying for a while: Bush is a figurehead, a facade of a president. The real power is behind the scenes.

It's in the Financial Times and I haven't seen it anywhere in the domestic press yet. As usual, we have to depend on the foreign press to do the work of our own SCLM.

Hat tip to Josh at Talking Points Memo.

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