Thursday, October 13, 2005

AmericaBlog Declares Godwin's Law Dead

John in DC has not only buried Godwin's Law he's spit on its grave in this post on christian fundamentalists wanting BushCo to muzzle the ACLU.

Time to state the obvious: The religious right is filled with Nazis. You don't like the term "Nazi?" Well too bad. One good thing I got out of the Holocaust Museum this past weekend was an amazing lesson in how quickly Hitler consolidated power his first six months in office by banning the opposition and slowly (or quickly) whittling away at the rights of Germany's citizens in an effort to create a murderous totalitarian regime.
It was long past time for the death of this "law" anyway. While it might have been going (the tiniest bit) too far to paint all of BushCo as a bunch of Nazis, John gets it exactly right in describing the fundies that way. If they don't like it? "Too bad."

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