Monday, June 21, 2004

Sometimes It Just Writes Itself

The Christian Coalition has decided to try to ride the coattails of "gay marriage" back into a position of power within the Republican hemisphere. It's the same lunacy we've been hearing from other christo-fascists lately, so there's nothing really new about their goals. However, when I clicked through to this article in the Wall Street Journal (subscription), I couldn't help noticing the byline:

LOONEYVILLE, W.VA.--The Christian Coalition has fallen far from its glory days as a pro-Republican fighting force in the 1990s. But now Pastor J. Allen Fine has a new political weapon.

"Gay marriage is societal suicide," says Mr. Fine, a religious broadcaster who was recently installed as state director of the coalition's West Virginia chapter. "We were asked on our radio program, 'Is sodomy still a sin?' It brought in so many calls and the dish of the fax machine overflowed."
You couldn't make up a more apt town name for these right-wingnuts.

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