Monday, September 15, 2003

What's This?

Okay, it was in the weekend Arts section, but check out Frank Rich in the New York Times: Top Gun vs Total Recall.

The first two paragraphs set the perfect tone: "Only in America could a guy who struts in an action-hero's Hollywood costume and barks macho lines from a script pass for a plausible political leader. But if George W. Bush can get away with it, why should Arnold Schwarzenegger be pilloried for the same antics?

At least Mr. Schwarzenegger is a show-biz pro. He never would have signed on for a remake of "Top Gun" without first ensuring that it would have the same happy ending as the original. He never would have allowed himself to look as scared as the abandoned kid in "Home Alone" while begging the nation for cash and patience last Sunday night. He would have dismissed B-movie dialogue like "dead or alive" and "bring 'em on" with a curt "hasta la vista, baby!"

Is the SCLM finally waking up? Who knows. But every article like this just hammers away at their credibility. "Bring 'em on!"

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