Sunday, September 21, 2003

The Next Phase

Not content with - or perhaps not satisfied with the results of - attacks on American soldiers or the occasional Iraqi policeman or bystander, the Iraqi resistance has targeted a member of the Iraqi Governing Council. Although Al-Hashimi is in good condition after being shot in the abdomen, this attack seems to foreshadow a new level of activity for whoever is organizing the continuing attacks.

There seems to be no end to how ugly this can get. You'd think that killing fellow Iraqis would be a great way to alienate those responsible. But like everything else there that doesn't make sense, this only seems to inflame passions further. Of course being a part of that society and that history, these gunmen surely know that.

Can we finally just say that there was no plan for how to deal with the aftermath of our war? Not just that the planning was poor, or that we had no exit plan, but really, there was no plan. And nature hates a vacuum of planning as much as any other.

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