Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Iran Arming Up

Although this article was written from the point of view that this should make Israel worry - and that's true enough - my first thought was of BushCo.'s continued sabre-rattling aimed at Iran.

Russia’s arms export agency Rosoboronoexport disclosed recently that it plans to sell Iran up to 250 advanced Su-30 fighter bombers, dramatically increasing the power projection capability of Iran and possibly giving it a nuclear delivery vehicle other than missiles.
Should they do the unthinkable, this administration will want to begin an invasion - or indeed any kind of military move against Iran - with aerial assault. To clear the way for our fighter-bombers, first will come the cruise missiles which will attempt to take out key air defense sites and to destroy as many aircraft as possible on the ground. Then will come our fighters to finish the job on air defense sites and to escort heavier aircraft.

That's where the SU-30 comes in. This is no Soviet era fighter, heavy and underpowered. The Sukhoi is a first rate aircraft; in the right pilot's hands it can match our F-16s and F-15s. The article also goes on to say that the Russians are also considering making one or more aerial refueling aircraft. This means that should we choose to give Iran any warning, they can launch these high-value aircraft ahead of time and keep them airborne or move them to a friendly airfield far enough away to stay in reserve until really needed.

Yes, it's true that Israel should be concerned about this potential sale. But Our Air Force should be every bit as concerned. Iran's air force is not likely to flee or remain on the ground as did Iraq's should we invade. But even should BushCo. actually make an intelligent choice and not invade or attack Iran, their constant, bellicose rhetoric has made the already unstable area even more dangerous. They've driven this sale as much as any amoral Russian arms dealer.

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