Thursday, August 16, 2007

Censorship by Any Other Name...

The right to peaceably assemble - Constitutionally guaranteed - can be denied in so many ways; overt or covert. But the latest attempt by BushCo. is laughably transparent. And should you have any thoughts that this might just be the Washington D.C. city government enforcing their rules, well you just haven't been paying attention.

What are we to make of the fact that the city of D.C. has ordered all the posters for an anti-war march to take place in September taken down? Were they all posted in the wrong places - every one of them? Nope. Is the group missing some key piece of permitting for the event? Apparently not. So what infraction of the law could be so heinous that all the posters in the entire city must be removed or the group could face a $10,000 fine?

Washington city authorities said the posters have to come down because they were stuck on with adhesive that did not meet city regulations.
Un-f*cking believable.

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