Friday, September 29, 2006

"An Ordinary Death in Iraq"

Fuck Bush.

U.S. Army 2nd Lieut. Emily Perez, 23, was buried Tuesday at West Point, on a high bluff overlooking the Hudson River, alongside two centuries of fallen graduates from the United States Military Academy. She was the first combat death from the 2005 graduating class — called "the class of 9/11" because they arrived at the prestigious school just two weeks before the terror attacks. She was also the first female West Point graduate to be killed in Iraq.

She died an ordinary death in Iraq, at least by today's standards: a roadside bomb exploded as she led her platoon in a convoy south of Baghdad on Sept. 12. But what makes this death so difficult in a sea of violence is just how extraordinary this particular soldier was.
She was no relation - at least not by blood. She was however my "sister" in arms; a member of the Long Grey Line and as such as much a sister as it's possible to be without having the same mother.

"An ordinary death." Think of that phrase and what it really means.

Her blood is on Bush's hands and on the hands of all of his henchmen in this maladministration.

It can't be said too many times.

Fuck Bush.

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