Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Haven't We Been Saying This All Along?

Colin Powell, in the Washington Post (via MSNBC), says that his opposition to the administration's new rules for the treatment of detainees in the neverending war on terror is a "issue of morality." Powell, along with the other high-ranking military officials who've gone on record opposing these new rules, carries a lot of weight on these matters - with the public.

Apparently the BushCo.'s support of the troops doesn't extend to supporting their opinions, informed as they are by history and experience. And those are two things which they will never let taint their conduct of this disaster of a war.

What really gets me about this story, though, is that recently I've been noticing a lot of news that is new to the mainstream media, but that we in the blogosphere have been discussing for years. See some of my earlier posts about Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo - and then look at the dates.

I'm not sure whether to be angry that it's taken everyone else so long to catch up to what has been public knowledge for so long or hopeful that finally somebody is taking note. The anger is partly what drove me to stop blogging for a while. The hope is what brought me back.

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