Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Tomorrow begins act II of the horrid tragedy that set me to blogging in the first place. Inauguration means a beginning and beginnings usually bring to mind a new start; perhaps a chance to make right past wrongs. Perhaps just to set off in a new direction.

In the case of Bush's second coronation I think it only means the beginning of more. More of the abuses of power we've seen for the past four years; power in both the political and the literal sense.

Most of us on the left side of the blogosphere are writing about the upcoming inauguration in dread and our posts show it. I thought about writing something along those lines, but as I often do, even when I don't write in my own blog, I made a quick stop at Steve Bate's blog, The Yellow Doggerel Democrat. What I found there expressed every wretched feeling I have about BushCo. and tomorrow's display of unbridled glee as well as their unbridled donors' money. (If you want to know how much your favorite corporation "donated" for inaugural events, go here.)

But it also made me smile.

Go read Bush's Inaugural Balls.

It's the best thing you'll read on the subject anywhere.

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