Thursday, December 04, 2003

We're Looking For a Few Good Liberals!

NTodd over at Dohiyi Mir decided earlier this week that there were several Liberal bloggers who were starting to coalesce into a tentative community of sorts. We visited each others' blogs pretty regularly and posted comments and linked to each other. It wasn't an exclusive kind of thing - we all have large blogrolls that overlap but also have some pretty wide differences. Anyway, NTodd decided that perhaps we should formalize this nascent community...

And so the Liberal Coalition was born.

Today marks the birth, if you will, of this new blog community. Like any new village, we are few in number and anxious to grow. If you think you might be interested in joining us as we begin our adventure in the blogosphere, rummage around our blogs (to the right --->), see if we are the kind of nutjobs you'd like to hang around with, and send NTodd or any one of us an e-mail. You might be our kind of liberal!

Long live the Liberal Coalition!

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