Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Discontinuity Function


It was worth waiting for!

Now the question that only the future can tell: What kind of change have we wrought?

Will this be incremental change; bending the arc of history ever so slightly in our continuing attempts to create a more perfect union? Or has this election been a true breach, a discontinuity, in the path our country will take into the future?

BushCo. and all of its hangers-on have left a horrid mess to be cleaned up. And, not happy with the wreckage so far, they continue to push for deregulation and other changes purposely made more difficult to reverse for the next administration. If President-Elect Obama can rally the country and - perhaps most importantly - Congress to his side, if - and this is the biggest if - he can make a true start on restoring the USA to a country of laws, if he can restore our Constitution, then perhaps this will become the Change we all hoped and worked for.

Those of us who helped, in big ways and small, cannot now abandon the cause. I hope that a newly inaugurated President Obama will reach out again to the army of volunteers that helped him get to the Oval Office and ask us to help. I stand ready to lend that helping hand. I'm sure all of us do.

Ready to move us into a future we can all be proud of.

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