Friday, May 16, 2008

Humans Deserve to Go Extinct

I've found that if I assume people are stupid - and then wait for them to prove me wrong in their particular case - I seldom have to be disappointed. When it comes to the environment, I'm almost never disappointed believing that people will do exactly the wrong thing.

It's so much more comfortable being lulled into somnolence by the mega-corporations who are blind to anything beyond the next fiscal quarter. It can frustrate even the most ardent environmentalist:

Brazil has been accused of turning its back on its duty to protect the Amazon after the resignation of its award-winning Environment Minister fuelled fresh fears over the fate of the forest. The departure of Marina Silva, who admitted she was losing the battle to get green voices heard amidst the rush for economic development, has been greeted with dismay by conservationists.
Brazil "owns" the largest areas of remaining rain forest in the world. Rain forest has been called the planet's lungs, producing a large fraction of the atmosphere's oxygen. Now its best - and perhaps only - advocate in Brazil's government is gone.

What's at stake?

The Amazon basin is home to one in 10 of the world's mammals and 15 per cent of its land-based plant species. It holds more than half of the world's fresh water and its vast forests act as the largest carbon sink on the planet, providing a vital check on the greenhouse effect.
Unfotunately, once again, I'm not disappointed.

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