Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rumors of My Death...

Totally exaggerated, I assure you!

I'm over the wicked head cold I was suffering under in my last post. It's just that as seems to be the case in my life lately, events have piled up to the point where I have found my self totally overwhelmed and with no time left for pleasantries like blogging. For sure I'm trying to keep up with the news and the goings on at some of my favorite blogs, but every effort to make time to write myself have been stymied.

The weather here in upstate New York hasn't helped matters. The little free time I find is often taken up with various versions of digging out and blowing snow. There's a drift in my back yard that's easily 4 feet deep. And I've run the snow blower up and down my drive way five times in the past two days. We haven't gotten nearly the snow that the poor folks in Oswego county have gotten - now nearly 11 feet in the past week - but three feet can still leave you plenty worn out!

So, Steve, I'm not buried, but I sure do wish it would stop snowing for a while!

So... I'm still here; still engaged and worried and reading.

Hopefully I'll have some time to get a few thoughts down over the next few days. There's lots on my mind!

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