Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pitching a Fit

Everyone's seen it. The little brat who doesn't get what he wants in the grocery store (usually) who falls to the floor, kicking and screaming. All the other shoppers give the kid and his embarrassed parent a wide berth. As do I for fear I might place a well aimed kick at his head.


That's the image that came to mind when I read our Preznit's latest tantrum. He's just won't put up with a nookyular North Korea. He just won't. This on the heels of telling the whole world that he just won't put up with a nookyular Iran.

Kicking and screaming is about all he can do about either of these truly rogue states as he's squandered any chance of really working with other countries in either region and - should the now impossible diplomacy fail - he's also squandered our military; leaving us impotent to do anything about anything.

What else is left for our juvenile Commander-in-Chief but pitching a good old-fashioned hissy fit (as my mom would call it)? Is it any wonder that all the other countries are giving us a wide berth?

Fortunately there's nobody out there big enough to place a well aimed kick to our head.

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