Monday, April 24, 2006

BushCo. The Cause of More 9-11 Deaths

There was, of course, the well known PDB; "bin Laden determined to attack in the US." Something close to 3,000 deaths can be placed on their non-existent consciouses.

In the immediate aftermath there ware FEMA and EPA officials telling New Yorkers that the debris and fumes coming from ground zero were safe. Just like other decisions and non-decisions, this one has had its deadly effects.

The government's point man on Sept. 11 health programs said he is worried that an autopsy linking a retired detective's death to recovery work at ground zero may be a warning sign of other life-threatening cases.

Dr. John Howard also said it will take time to determine whether there is a scientific link between deaths and exposure to toxic dust. Some epidemiologists have said it will take 20 years or more to prove such a link.
More deaths linked directly to the incompetence of BushCo. and their cronies. More reasons not to trust them in anything they do.

Not that we needed more...

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