Monday, February 20, 2006

Bush Held Hostage?

Well, what else was I to think - at first glance - of this photo/headline combination?

But of course, it was only an article on how Shrubby-boy thinks the US is being held hostage by "foreign oil." It was only the latest re-hash of his sudden revelation, revealed during during the State of the Union Address, that the US uses too much of that "foreign oil." Which is, of course, code (everything this administration says is in code - it's like watching the former Soviet Union) for Middle Eastern oil. Here's the first paragraph:

Saying the nation is on the verge of technological breakthroughs that would "startle" most Americans, President Bush on Monday outlined his energy proposals to help wean the country off foreign oil.
You're damned right we'd be startled if anything remotely scientific or technological came out of this almospathologicallyly anti-science administration. And if it did anything to jeopardize their cozy relationship with the Arab states and big-oil the whole damned country would have a heart attack.

Then you wouldn't need any of that "foreign oil" you've come to so suddenly hate so much.

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