Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Garanimals Threat System

Yet another "no kidding" moment from our fearless leaders in Congress:

The federal government's color-coded threat system is too vague and confusing to help many local and state law enforcement officials prepare for possible terrorist attacks, Congressional investigators said Monday in a report that prompted leading members of Congress to call for an overhaul.
Well we all knew that! Hell, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI can't even come to an agreement about when there's really a new threat and what it means. But this has to be the - unintentionally - funniest sentence in this article in the NYT:

"I'm afraid if we don't make improvements in the system," Mr. Turner said, "the public's going to lose trust and confidence in that system and won't pay any attention to it anymore."
"Going to lose trust?" "Won't pay any attention...anymore?" Please. When was the last time they even changed the color when announcing a new threat? In fact, when was the last time anyone really paid any attention to this system?

Where are we now, anyway? Are we at Threat Level Bert or Ernie?

UPDATE: Corrected "Garanimals" name and added graphics.

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